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JOIN OUR EXCLUSIVE BAND GYM MEMBERS ONLY COMMUNITYand Let Dave Coach you on a Unique Resistance Band Training Workout System that is Physical Therapy proven to help you Look, Feel and Move YOUR BEST...

  • In less than 5 hours per week
  • With a workout you can do anywhere, including at home or on the road
  • Using a functionally based exercise approach, that your joints will love
  • Without boring you to death with basic exercises and no variety


Only $29 per month after the trial.

Stop dealing with the hassles of Going to a Gym Doing Workouts that Get zero results and leave Your Body Feeling 10 years older??


Dear Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts,

22 years ago I discovered the power of training with continuously looped resistance bands (not those worthless tubes). I was battling injury after injury and feeling worse when I finished my workouts than I did before I started.

All of the heavy weight training I did caused my joints to ache and my body to be stiff. You know that feeling when you get out of bed and it takes 10-15 minutes just to get going?

Yeah, I experienced that everyday, at age 32. And as a Physical Therapist I knew there had to be a better way. Looking good is only half the equation...what about feeling and moving great too?

Feel Leaner, Stronger & More Athletic in 21 Days


"It feels like I turned back the clock by 10 years!"

Getting older sucks! There I said it...

But you don’t have to age like everyone else! You have the ability to look and feel just as good or better than you did when you were 10, even 20 years younger.
Don’t believe me? Here I am at 52 years young:

If you want to be in the best shape of your life you have to exercise. But, as you get older your body just doesn’t recover the same and life gets in the way.

That’s why I’ve created The Band Gym. So you have a place to get in workouts that aren’t boring or stale and still produce the results you want.

Not only will you get a ton of variety from your new monthly workouts, but you’ll learn how to train the body to perform at its best by exercising it the way it was designed to work... something "traditional weight lifting only programs" don't do. Makes sense that joints and muscles would work and feel their best if they are asked to do what they were meant to do.


These Results ARE typical!

Over the past 22 years working as a Physical Therapist and Fitness Expert, I’ve helped thousands of people do exactly that, feel their best. Now you can be one of them.

As your Personal Trainer, actually I prefer to use the term Coach, we’ll work together to ensure that you get the lean, strong, athletic body you want.

And we’ll do it without the pain, frustration and all the hassles that come with going to the gym to lift heavy weights week after week.

Thank you for putting out such a great product!

I'm a 55-year-old ex-professional baseball player. I played 8 years for the Cleveland Indians & Minnesota Twins. Since my playing days, I've always tried to stay in shape. I have tried many different fitness options, from free weights to workout videos. Most were fine when I was younger, however, I found as I was getting older I was more prone to injury. I would often get hurt using weights and the high-intensity plyometric type training videos. It would limit me from training. I would have to miss workouts while I was injured.

Then 4 years ago, after never being seriously injured, I tore the labrum in my left shoulder lifting weights. I haven't had the surgery yet to repair it. Three months ago I started using your bands to work out and following the videos from your website. It changed the way I can work out. I was able to strengthen my shoulder by using the bands with assisted movements. Now I can perform many of your exercises with heavy resistance. I have gotten my entire upper body back into shape. I can do push-ups and many shoulder exercises with no pain. Best of all I can throw batting practice to my kids with no pain in my shoulder.

Wes P

Hey Dave!!! It's Doug Harrell from Fairhope Alabama. I am a band man fanatic! I am about to turn 53 on Friday and can tell you the bands with your videos have changed my life and the way I work out.

I train with a trainer two days a week and bands 3 days. I have had back problems for years but no more. Please keep those emails coming and I hope to meet you again.

Doug Harrell

Hi Dave!

Just wanted to share with you my Band Gym. I will be turning 74 next month and thanks to you I feel, look and move great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and guidance. I feel resistance band training with your Quantum Bands have absolutely changed my way of working out. I totally love it.

Thanks again.

Lester G.
A Band Gym Owner

Dave you definitely are the Band Man! I started training with high quality tubes when I turned 50 and about two years ago discovered your bands. It has made a difference for me. I have trained all my life and have the usual shoulder, hip, and ankle problems, but I must say since I started with Quantum bands my rotator cuff is much improved and I am able to do things I could not do three years ago. I do lots of body weight stuff and lots of different vector training.

Functionally I think I am stronger than ever even if I can’t bench as much as I did 20 years ago. I squatted with two green bands today and had no pain... and I may need to pick up the blue bands! Thanks for all the info Dave, I was a trainer for several years and I learned more from your videos than I ever did at any trainer summit.

Ken K.

Since I joined The Band Gym, I finally started doing the foam rolling and band stretching routines prior to my workouts. Man does that make a heck of a difference!! Now I also do them on my days off. I feel great!!! If only I would have switched to bands prior to turning 40. I would have less pain and joint issues. But now all that heavy lifting is in the past. The bands just give you an energized workout fast and anywhere. Thanks Dave.

Chris S
Ret. Special Ops Firefighter II/Paramedic
Lieutenant Detective Supervisor CID Unit.
RBT Life-Long Fan

Thanks for your tireless effort to improve my strength, conditioning, and mobility using bands. Your knowledge, experience, instruction, and products continue to improve the quality of my life. They are so portable, versatile, and easy to use that your programs have become my “go-to” workouts. I can easily do them anywhere, adjust resistance “on-the-fly”, and complete a challenging workout in half an hour or less. They are a great antidote for overcoming excuses not to exercise! Please accept my heartfelt thanks for acting upon your desire to help people enjoy their lives more fully.

Scott L


Only $29 per month after the trial.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The Band Gym

28-Day Jumpstart Workout Program

This 28-day Jumpstart program will help you get back on track and get the results you want if you’re just getting started working out with bands. But don’t think it’s just for beginners. I’ll walk you through 3 progressive levels (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced) for each workout that will challenge even the crazies level of workout fanatics.

If you’ve been working out for months only using free weights or body weight, the Jumpstart Band Training Program will be an exciting fresh new workout challenge your body is going to enjoy instantly.


The days of having to do the same ol’ exercises and workout routines are over!

Every month you’ll get access to some of my best workout programs. The programs will focus on specific goals, like strength, mobility, athleticism or muscle building while also adding unlimited variety to all your workouts. No more boring workouts or having to deal with the typical overuse injuries that come with doing the same program over and over.

Also for your convenience, all workouts come with an Instructional version and a Follow Along version for you to pick. So if you need motivation and someone to follow, I am here to workout with you. However if you just want to see the exercises demonstrated and be given the exact work intervals, rest intervals and sets for each workout, I provide that for you as well.

Regardless which version you choose, you will have all the workout details you need to get busy getting better!

Easy To Follow Nutrition Plan

Every member will have access to The Band Gym Kitchen. This is where I help you look and feel your best by making some suggestions about how to improve your current eating habits using our easy to follow Band Gym Transformation Nutritional Plan.

Following this plan you’ll be able to make small, bite-sized (pun intended!) changes to your eating habits that deliver big results. However, the best part about The Band Gym Kitchen... It will continually evolve with new content each month to make sure your nutritional habits keep getting better.

Personalized New Member Welcome

As a gym owner and your coach, I want to make sure you feel welcomed from your very first day! To accomplish this I walk you through a series of introductory coaching videos.

They will inspire, teach and motivate you to want to workout while letting you know how excited I am to have the opportunity to personally work with you.

The RBT Exercise Library

Don’t understand how to perform an exercise?? No problem, I’ll coach you through the proper form and technique on all of the exercises you’ll be using in your workouts so that you can perform them safely and get the best results.

This continually growing library will include hundreds of exercise videos, printable workout posters and setup videos that will add unlimited variety to your workouts while keeping exercise routines progressive, fresh and challenging.

New Monthly Premium Training and Coaching Articles

It’s not enough to just keep your body looking great. I want to empower you to learn how your body works and changes as you get older. Every month I will put on my physical therapy hat, fitness coach hat, or my fitness enthusiasts hat and share with you premium information on topics like "Protecting your low back or shoulder", "How to make running more joint friendly and enjoyable", "How to get a more athletic body", "Why your knees hurt and how to correct it" or "How to pick great training shoes". As an active aging adult who loves learning how to get better, I think this is going to as much fun and valuable to members as the workouts themselves.

All Access to me as your coach.

With everything I have going on, I need to make sure I am helping those individuals that are bought in to the RBT System. If you trust me enough to join the Band Gym, as your coach I need to make myself accessible when you have questions.

Once a member of the Band Gym, I provide you specific office hours that I am available to answer your questions so we don't have to play phone tag or email tag. You ask your question and I will get back to you that same day unless it's the weekend.


Only $29 per month after the trial.

I've been using your bands exclusively for the past 2 years since a major shoulder surgery. At the time I feared my lifting days were done. I was 61 years old and just assumed that I'd waste away, like most my age do. I began my phyiscal therpay and was rehabbing with bands. I decided to use bands for my other workouts too. I started with tube shaped bands, which were ok, but once I discovered your product, I gave them away.

Today I look and feel better than I have since my late 30s.

Thanks for creating a simple, honest, no bullshit way for older people to stay in great shape.

John S.

I have to tell you that my first week of using the bands has been absolutely amazing. My legs feel totally different and my knees are feeling better already. For the first time in a long time I believe that I can get fit and strong without worrying about my knees and ankles. Thank you so much for your help in picking the right bands, workout for my current level of fitness, and my areas of weakness.

Cindy S.

As a punter, I rely heavily on explosion and flexibility. Which is exactly what Dave Schmitz was able to give me. His band exercises gave me a tremendous increase in flexibility and an increase in my leg speed. I still use these exercises today and they are a big part of my success as a football player.

Ryan Gersonde
University of Iowa Football

Exclusive Member-Only Benefits

Once you join The Band Gym you’ll be joining an exclusive club with lots of extra perks! As a member you’ll get access to:

  1. Travel workouts and tips that keep you on track even when you’re on the road
  2. A complete guide to building your home band gym, making getting in your workouts easy
  3. Injury prevention tips and tricks that will help keep you feeling 10, even 20 years younger
  4. Printable posters of your favorite workouts so you can do them whenever you want
  5. FREE entry into our exclusive challenges and contests held throughout the year
  6. Exclusive offers on bands and accessories that will help you reach your goals faster
Plus, you’ll get direct access to me as your coach!

Inside The Band Gym I’ll host Office Hours so that you can get all your questions answered personally by me (no assistant). This is the only place you’ll find me online answering all your questions.

Get Started For Less Than $1/Day

Join The Band Gym TODAY for $1 and for the next 7 Days you'll have access to your JumpStart Program, your FIRST Workout Program, a Jam Packed Premium Resource and Exercise Library along with all the other bonuses that come with being an exclusive member of The Band Gym!

Then once inside get ready to access new cutting edge workouts that I provide to you regularly to eliminate boredom and typical overuse injuries. Also you receive direct coaching from me as well as being able to engage with other like minded people every week.

Remember the Risk is on us - You can cancel your membership at anytime! No long-term commitments, no tricks or sneaky sign up fees like your current gym membership.

It’s that simple!

If you’re ready to look, feel and move better than you have in 10+ years then it’s time you joined a gym that’s specifically designed for you to achieve that.

I can’t wait to help you get the results you want and more!

I will See YOU Inside!


Only $29 per month after the trial.

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Resistance Band Training


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